The Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler

Canon to the Ordinary

Contact Michael about changes in clergy leadership, clergy discipline, general questions about ministry, pastoral care for clergy and lay leaders, and to share good news or get advice on how to deal with bad news. Michael will no longer serve as Canon to the Ordinary. Read about this news here.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 13
207.233.7555 (mobile)

Katie Clark

Canon for Communications

Contact Katie to discuss media relations, diocesan and church e-newsletters, branding/identity, diocese-wide services, website audits, social media, podcasting, and storytelling. Katie is available to consult and assist congregations on all communications matters.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 129
207.233.2230 (mobile)

Mike Douglass

Director of Camp Bishopswood

Contact Mike about Camp Bishopswood or to have Mike speak to your congregation about the camp.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 127
207-763-3148 (Camp)

John Hennessy

Director of Public Advocacy

Contact John about advocacy in the public square and at the State House, our participation with the Committee on Indian Relations, Maine Episcopal Public Policy Network, Maine Council of Churches, and our relationship with Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 126
207.400.6619 (mobile)

Emily Keniston

Director of Faith Formation

Contact Emily to learn more about the diocese’s work with creation care, domestic poverty, racial justice, United Thank Offering, and our work with the Province of New England.

Contact Info
207.210.7500 (mobile)

Barbara Martin

Canon for Administration

Contact Barbara about the bishop’s calendar, administrative needs, matters related to governing bodies, retired clergy, Wolf & Loring Funds, New Initiative Fund grants, domestic and international poverty grants, town halls, diocesan convention, and for help with annual reports, safe church, and licensing. Barbara is also the Diocesan Archivist, Registrar and Recorder of Ordinations.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 125
207.650.6070 (mobile)

The Ven. Aaron Perkins


Contact Aaron for matters about deacons including identifying who in your faith community might be called to be ordained to the diaconate.

Teresa Pinney

Assistant Director of Communications

Contact Teresa about the diocesan website, stories for our newsletter, the diocesan cycle of prayer, or support for your parish’s website.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 132
207.239.8436 (mobile)

Terrance Reimer

Canon for Finance and Stewardship

Contact Terry for support with your faith community’s finances, planning annual commitment campaigns and planned giving programs, matters related to the Trustees of Diocesan Funds, filing your parochial report, and all real estate matters.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 134
207.595.0410 (mobile)

Thomas Sumner

Assistant Director of Finance and Insurance

Contact Tom for payroll, pension and health insurance matters, accounts payable questions, and to explore ways we can help you serve clergy and lay employees.

Contact Info
207.772.1953 Ext. 138