Worship in an Episcopal church traditionally takes place on a Sunday when we gather together in community.

We participate in creative, energizing worship to praise and thank God, to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and to pray for ourselves and others. As Jesus invited us, we gather around a family meal table with bread and wine, to celebrate Jesus’ risen presence and to be renewed and strengthened for the work God gives us to do. Worship affirms our faith, reconciles us together, and prepares us to minister to the world.


Public Worship

Public worship (or liturgy) is how the unity of our members is most fully expressed. An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church (Church Publishing, 2000) explains that “liturgy expresses the church’s identity and mission, including the church’s calling to invite others and to serve with concern for the needs of the world.” Many liturgies of The Episcopal Church are included in the Book of Common Prayer which gives worship a familiar feel, no matter where you go.

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Diocese-Wide Worship

People throughout Maine are invited to gather together to praise Jesus both online and in person at various times throughout the year for worship and fellowship! Diocesan worship opportunities are planned by our Liturgical Commission.



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All Are Welcome

All baptized Christians, no matter age or denomination, are welcome to worship with us and receive communion. Episcopalians invite all baptized people to the table. If you have an interest in attending a service, but are not sure what to expect, The Episcopal Church offers a good overview here.

What To Expect


Worship Resources