The Episcopal Diocese of Maine gathers together annually to conduct the business of our diocese. The clergy of the diocese along with elected lay delegates from each congregation in Maine makes up the voting body. This year’s convention will be online, taking place on Saturday, October 22. Clergy and delegates who are voting will meet via Zoom. The meeting will be livestreamed on YouTube for everyone to watch.

Keep up with convention communications here on our blog or click here to explore a list of newsletters containing convention announcements. Are you an alternate delegate or other person who wishes to get convention info emailed to you directly? Sign up here.


Certificate of Delegates

Lay delegates elected to serve at convention must be certified using the form below by July 31, 2022. This certificate must be prepared and signed by the Rector, Vicar or Priest in Charge, if there is one, or a Warden or Clerk of the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee when there is no Rector, Vicar or Priest in Charge. Once a congregation has submitted their certificate, the church will no longer appear in the dropdown list on the form. If you have delegation has changed, please email to request a Certificate of Change form. Changes are due October 12, 2022.

Certificate of ASA and Election of Lay Delegates to Convention

Please note that your congregation’s lay delegation to the 2022 convention will continue to be calculated based upon your Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) from your 2019 Parochial Report as the pandemic has continued to disrupt how this number is calculated. Look up your church’s 2019 ASA here


Important Dates

Watch for information, news, and pre-convention Town Hall invitations via email!

  • July 31 Deadline for Certificate of Elected Delegates
  • August 16 Resolution Writing Learning Session (Register here 7pm)
  • September 16 Resolutions and Nominations Due
  • September 16 Registration Opens
  • September 27 Intro to Convention / Area Caucus (Town Hall 7pm)
  • October 4 Budget, Rules of Order, Resolutions (Town Hall 7pm)
  • October 11 Resolutions, Consent Calendar (Town Hall 7pm)
  • October 12 Changes to Certificate of Elected Delegates Due
  • October 12  Registration Deadline
  • October 18 Diocesan Convention (Town Hall 7pm)
  • October 22 Day of Convention (Convenes at 9am) 
  • October 25 Convention Debrief and Thanksgivings for the Town Hall program (7pm)

Note: Town Hall meetings will convene on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.

If you have further questions or concerns, please be in touch with Canon Barbara Martin.

Open Diocesan Leadership Positions 2022

Diocesan Council Lay Area Representatives
Need to elect one for each of the six areas ; three year term

Diocesan Council

Secretary of the Diocese
Need to elect one; one year term

Diocesan Officers

Treasurer of the Diocese
Need to elect one; one year term

Diocesan Officers

Disciplinary Board – Lay Representative
Need to elect one; two year term

Disciplinary Board

Standing Committee

  • Clergy Need to elect one; three year term
  • Lay Need to elect one; three year term

Standing Committee

General Convention Deputation

  • Clergy Need to elect four to serve at GC 2024
  • Lay  Need to elect four to serve at GC 2024

General Convention

Provincial Conference Clerical Deputy
Need to elect one; two year term

Province of New England

Pray for Convention

Please pray for the entire convention, your Bishop and staff, for all delegates and the decisions being made, and those who have offered themselves for leadership roles. Prayerfully consider how your vote furthers the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Maine and the wider Church.

Prayer for a Church Convention