About the Clergy Disciplinary Board

CANON 27 DIOCESE OF MAINE (Of Misconduct by a Priest or Deacon)

Section 1. Disciplinary Structure. The Disciplinary Board provided for in an Agreement shall be a court for the Diocese for the discipline of Priests and Deacons of the Diocese. Members of that Board from the Diocese shall meet the eligibility requirements and be selected as provided in Part B, Sections 2(2)-2(4) below, except that the number of members shall be as provided in the Agreement and their terms shall be staggered so that as nearly as is practicable one-third of the members shall be elected each year.

In the fall of 2010 the dioceses of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont each approved an Multi-Diocese Agreement to form a joint disciplinary board of six priests or deacons and five lay people to address matters of clergy discipline. Canon 27 and the Multi-Diocese Agreement may be found here.

Responsibilities of Disciplinary Board Members: In the event of a charge of clergy misconduct, members of Disciplinary Board must meet to review the matter in accordance with the Multi-Diocese Agreement and the requirements of Canon 27. If the Disciplinary Board is called upon to consider a disciplinary matter, extended meetings are a possibility. Time Commitment: As needed until the matter is resolved. Travel expenses reimbursed by the diocese if requested.

Current Disciplinary Board (3 Year Terms) 

The Rev. Shirley Bowen (2024)

The Rev. Nate Ferrell (2026)

Ken Huhn, Lay Member (2025)

Lisa Walker, Lay Member (2026)

Find more info about the disciplinary process and how to contact an intake officer here.