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What does the Standing Committee do? 

The Standing Committee consists of three lay people and three clergy from across the diocese elected by Convention to interview our ordinands, consent to Episcopal elections in other dioceses, serve as a Council of Advice to the Bishop and perform many other duties. For the most part, they meet on the first Wednesday of every month and most often online or at the diocesan office in Portland.

What do the Canons say about Standing Committee?

Of the Standing Committee

Section 1. The Standing Committee shall at its first meeting choose a Chair and a Secretary, either Clerical or Lay. The Secretary shall record all proceedings in a book provided for the purpose, and this, with all papers relative to the business of the Diocese, shall be open to examination by the Bishop and by the Convention; and a report of the acts shall be made to the Annual Convention, except such acts as pertain to its function as a Council of Advice to the Bishop.

Section 2. A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The Standing Committee shall be a Council of Advice to the Bishop, and shall be summoned at any time that the Bishop may desire its advice.

Section 4. 
The Standing Committee shall be the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese when a vacancy occurs in the Episcopate, except in cases otherwise provided for by the Canons of the General Convention or of the Diocese.

See also Article V, Sections 2-4 of the Constitution of the Diocese of Maine.

Standing Committee Members

The Rev. Gwen Fry (2026)
St. Mark’s, Waterville

Lisa Lindsay (2026)
St. Luke’s, Wilton

The Rev. Kerry Mansir (2024)
Christ Church, Gardiner

The Rev. Ann McAlhany (2025)
St. John’s, Bangor

Patricia Ryan (2025) 
St. Paul’s, Brunswick

Mark Spahr (2024), President
St. Patrick’s, Brewer