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2023 Annual Retired Clergy & Spouses Luncheons

Heads up!

Two lunches sponsored by the Diocese of Maine for Retired Clergy and Spouses have been schedules for June 2023. Watch for more information about these gatherings:

  • One for the northern part of the state: Friday, June 16th, at St. Margaret’s, Belfast
  • The other for the southern part of the state: Tuesday, June 20th, at St. Mary’s, Falmouth

Chaplains to Retired Clergy

Please be in touch with your chaplains!

The Rev. Ginny Urbanek

The Rev. Stephen White

Retired Clergy and Spouses Newsletter

A newsletter is sent to retired (CPG) priests and surviving spouses canonically or physically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.

Church Pension Group

Take a look at Church Pension Group’s webpage for Retired Clergy for a wealth of information, short courses on budgeting and wellness, and resources for legacy planning.