Diocesan Policy

The purpose and intent of the Diocese of Maine’s Safe Church Policy is to safeguard employees, children, and others where possible from sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.  The policy defines basic terms in order prohibit sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse; as well as retaliation for bringing complaints or participating in the complaint process within the setting of the church and its ministries and sets forth a process for receiving such complaints and resolving them.

Download the Safe Church Policy here

Training Requirements in the Diocese of Maine

Read through the instructions posted below for becoming Safe Church certified “How to Complete Your Original Certification” as well as what you need to do to refresh it each year “How to Complete Your Annual Re-Certification” or you may download all of the instructions to your own computer by clicking on this button:

Download the Training Instructions here

How to Complete Your Original Certification

PART A:  Praesidium Academy

Login to Praesidium Academy here

If you do not have a login, please email Wendy Kopera with your full name, church name and town, and your email address. 

On the Praesidium Academy homepage:

  • Scroll down past “My Learning” to the “Browse” section. There is a title and image for each course offering. You may scroll through those, or use the search feature, to find the required courses among those listed.
  • When you locate the course you wish to take, click on the course to begin. There will be detailed instructions to guide you through each course as you go.
  • Your progress will be saved if you leave a course, and you can resume at any time.
  • To return to the home page, click the home icon in the upper left corner.
  • To print an individual course certificate, select “Certificates” in the middle section of the home page.
  • To print a complete list of completed courses, click on your initials in the upper right corner of the page in Praesidium and select “transcript.”

1. Choose your FIVE “modules” (courses)

In addition to the three foundational modules that everyone should start with:

      • “Safe Church, Safe Communities: Introduction and Theological Background”
      • “Safe Church, Safe Communities: Organizational Rules and Policies” 
      • “Safe Church, Safe Communities: Abuse and Neglect” – NOTE: if this course in not available on Praesidium please take a different course (your choice) this year, and take this course (if available) when you next renew your certification.

Choose two additional modules (electives) from the other courses available. Use your own judgment to decide which among the additional modules is most relevant to your ministry. If more than two seem helpful, it’s fine to do more than just the two required electives.

2. After you have completed FIVE modules, please PRINT your transcript (this step is easy, but frequently overlooked, please don’t skip it)

      • Lay people should print two copies: one for your records and submit one to your parish office.
      • Clergy persons should print three copies: one for your records, one for your parish office, and one to Canon Martin.

PART B: State of Maine Mandated Training

Click here to go to the Maine Mandated Reporter site

Once you arrive on the site, click “Start Course.”  Proceed through the course and take the quiz. Download your certificate and distribute as in Part A, number 2.


NEW! How to Complete Your Annual Re-Certification

To keep your Safe Church certification current, you need to do these things every year:

  • Complete any module from Praesidium Academy (please don’t retake a previously completed module)
  • Retake Part B, State of Maine Mandated Training
  • Submit your certificates as in Part A, number 2
  • If your certification expires, or you do not complete the annual recertification, you are not eligible to recertify, and must begin the certification process anew
  • Note: if your ministry or role changes significantly, please consider adding additional modules to support your new role.


See the FAQs for additional information.  If you encounter any challenges,  please contact Wendy Kopera.

If you have questions or concerns about the program, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Barbara Martin, Canon for Administration.