What is The Commission on Ministry (COM)?

The Commission on Ministry (COM) assists the bishop in developing, recruiting, forming, and assessing those called to ministry in the church. Their work encompasses those called to lay or ordained ministry.

Help with Discernment

Discernment isn’t only  a process for those who want to become a priest or a deacon. Discernment is for every one of us walking on the Way of Love, doing our best to figure out where God is calling us next. Discernment is listening for the voice of God in our big crossroads moments, as well as in our everyday decisions. Discernment is exploring our God-given gifts – even those that aren’t specifically “churchy.” Visit the Adult Formation page to learn more.

The Journey to Ordination

The path to ordination in the Diocese of Maine is undertaken in community, and at various stages, various communities participate in the process. The Bishop oversees all matters of formation, but the pieces and parts are distributed among many ‘partners’ in ministry.


 Commission on Ministry Members

  • The Rev. Carolyn Eklund, Chair
  • Johnnie Beane
  • The Rev. Barbara Briggs
  • Christian Clough
  • The Rev. Andrew D’Angio White
  • The Rev. Cindy Dawson
  • Nancy Dymond
  • The Rev. Josh Hill
  • The Ven. Aaron Perkins
  • Harold VanLonkhuyzen
  • The Rev. Mary Lee Wile
  • The Rt. Rev. Thomas Brown, Bishop