I think I’m called to ordained ministry. How do I begin?


I’ve decided to pursue ordained ministry. What’s next?

  • Fill out the postulancy application which will include letters of support from your vestry and priest
  • Complete a psychological assessment and background check
  • Make an appointment with the bishop
  • Meet with the Commission on Ministry (COM) to request to be admitted as a postulant

The bishop has admitted me as a postulant. Now I study, right?

  • Decide with the diocese on appropriate education options, CPE options and when you will start and finish
  • Receive a COM companion

I’m halfway through my education. What do I need to do now?

  • Complete the application for candidacy. This will include an academic evaluation and recommendation
  • Complete a CPE report with your supervisor (if completed)
  • Obtain transcripts of education completed outside the Deacon Formation Program (DFP)
  • Submit a field education report from you and your supervisor
  • Provide certifications (with dates) for Safe Church (A), Court Mandated Reporting (B), Title IV, Anti-Racism training

I’m prepared. I’ve spent a period of at least 6 months as a candidate and completed my education. What are the final steps?

  • Apply for ordination to the vocational diaconate. This will include a transcript from your education source.
  • Make an appointment with the bishop to discuss placement options
  • Note that your ordination date will be set with input from the bishop, sponsoring parish or cathedral, and the ordinand (that’s you!)