Happy New Year and welcome to the official kick off of the annual reporting season!  In order to maintain and expand our excellent track record of keeping in contact with, and providing resources to, members of congregational leadership we need your help.

The Annual Congregational Report to the Bishop is the best tool we have to keep our  contact information up to date and ready to use for: “Clergy and Lay Leadership Newsletter“, email messages “From the Bishop” and other important news.  Among other things, updated info helps us to be in touch with senior/junior Wardens, church musicians and Christian formation directors. We also gather your online presence information, ex: links to your congregation’s YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

You can greatly assist us by accomplishing the following:

  • Send us your most recent bylaws. If you have already sent your bylaws/constitution and there have been no changes, there is no need to repeat this step.


**Please do not confuse this with the annual Parochial Report which includes financial and attendance info and is sent on to The Episcopal Church. This is a report to the diocese of leaders and contact info. Anyone who has the information requested on the form may fill it out.