Transition Ministry

How to Apply for Clergy Positions

Clergy interested in being considered for a particular position should send the following documents to the Rev. Suzanne Roberts by email or mail to PO Box 4036, Portland, ME 04101-4036:

1.  A letter addressed to the Discernment Committee (but sent to The Rev. Suzanne Roberts) in which the candidate (a) offers a self-introduction, and (b) describes why they feel drawn into discernment around this particular position.  The specific form, length, and content of the letter is at the candidate’s discretion;

2.  A current resume; and

3.  A .pdf of the candidate’s current Office of Transition Ministries Portfolio, including answers to all of the narrative questions.

It is very helpful (though not required) if all three documents can be sent as attachments to a single email.  The Transition & Deployment Officer does an initial screening of all candidates prior to forwarding applications to the Discernment Committee.

The Discernment Committee then reviews the application and decides whether to invite the candidate to continue in the process. Further steps in the process include a video interview and site visits by the candidate and by members of the Committee. In certain instances Committees may add other steps, such as asking for answers to written questions. A background check takes place late in the process.