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What is Diocesan Council?

Diocesan Council is a decision-making body of the Diocese of Maine that is comprised of two elected members from each of the diocesan Areas.  The Bishop, who presides, is also a voting member.  The Bishop may also appoint up to four at-large members to help make it a more representative body. The Chair of the Diocesan Council Finance Committee is also a full member.

In September 11, 2021, Diocesan Council voted to adopt the new proposed area structure by the Task Force formed and charged to “examine the current Area structure and make recommendations to Diocesan Council for updates and adaptations to the current configuration”. Click here to view a map and list of the changed areas or see the list below.

What does Diocesan Council do and how often does it do it?

Since the most representative expression of the Diocese of Maine meets only once a year at Diocesan Convention to make decisions about elected offices, the annual budget and resolutions, Diocesan Council serves as “the convention between conventions.”  It generally meets four times a year.  In September, they consider and approve a draft budget for the upcoming year for Convention to vote on in October.  It may also form task force and study groups to do the work of the Diocese.  It makes mid-year budget adjustments and evaluates proposals for new ministry initiatives.

Areas of the Diocese


  • St. Saviour’s, Bar Harbor
  • St. Francis, Blue Hill
  • St. Patrick’s, Brewer
  • St. Anne’s, Calais
  • Trinity Church, Castine
  • St. Brendan’s, Deer Isle
  • Christ Church, Eastport
  • St. Dunstan’s, Ellsworth
  • Church of Our Father, Hull’s Cove
  • St. Aidan’s, Machias
  • St. Mary/St. Jude, Northeast Harbor
  • St. Andrew & St. John, Southwest Harbor

 Aurora Borealis

  • St. John the Baptist, Brownville
  • St. Augustine’s, Dover-Foxcroft
  • St. Paul’s, Fort Fairfield
  • Good Shepherd, Houlton
  • St. Andrew’s, Millinocket
  • St. James, Old Town
  • St. Martin’s, Palmyra
  • St. John’s, Presque Isle
  • Good Shepherd, Rangeley
  • St. Barnabas’, Rumford
  • All Saints’, Skowhegan
  • St. Luke’s, Wilton
  • St. Thomas’, Winn

The Heart of Maine

  • St. Michael’s, Auburn
  • Emmanuel, Augusta
  • St. John’s, Bangor
  • St. Peter’s, Bridgton
  • Christ Church, Gardiner
  • St. Giles’, Jefferson
  • Trinity, Lewiston
  • St. Matthew’s, Lisbon Falls
  • Christ Church, Norway
  • St. Mark’s, Waterville
  • St. Andrew’s, Winthrop


  • Grace Church, Bath
  • St. Margaret’s, Belfast
  • St. Columba’s, Boothbay
  • St. Paul’s, Brunswick
  • St. Thomas’, Camden
  • St. Andrew’s, Newcastle
  • St. Peter’s, Rockland
  • St. John the Baptist, Thomaston
  • St. Phillip’s, Wiscasset


  • Saint Mary’s, Falmouth
  • Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Portland
  • St. Peter’s, Portland
  • Trinity Church, Portland
  • St. Ann’s, Windham
  • St. Bartholomew’s, Yarmouth

The Southern Gateway

  • St. Alban’s, Cape Elizabeth
  • St. David’s, Kennebunk
  • Trinity, Saco
  • St. George’s, Sanford
  • St. Nicholas, Scarborough
  • St George’s, York Harbor

Newly Elected Area Representatives

At the 2022 Area Caucuses on September 27, 2022,  Areas were asked to rename themselves and lay representatives to serve on Council from 2022 to 2024 were elected:

Acadie (A) – Ted Fletcher, Southwest Harbor
Aurora Borealis (B ) – Ben Barr, Millinocket
The Heart of Maine (C) – Matt Bear-Fowler, Gardiner
Midcoast (D) – Lucia Elder, Rockland
Presumpscot (E) – Emma Bond, Portland
The Southern Gateway (F) – Julie Littlefield, York Harbor

*Canon 15, Section 4.: No person having served as a member of the Diocesan Council for six consecutive years shall be elected or appointed to the Diocesan Council until after the expiration of one year following the sixth year of service. For the purpose of this Canon, the period between annual Diocesan Conventions shall be deemed one year.

Statement approved by the Diocesan Council 12/12/2022

Diocesan resources will support programs and ministry efforts that:

  • embody our baptismal promise to seek and serve Christ in others, respecting the dignity of every human being,
  • have energetic leadership with experience and passion for their ministry,
  • have program evaluation processes in place and an articulated plan to achieve sustainability and/or have significant or lasting impact,
  • are willing to share personnel, resources, and best practices with the Diocese,
  • demonstrate innovative thinking, transparency, equity, fairness, and collaboration.

Council Members


Theodore Fletcher (2024)

Rev. Lynn Rutledge (2023)


Ben Barr (2024)

Rev. Thom Rock (2023)


Matt Bear-Fowler (2024)

Rev. Nancy Moore (2023)


Lucia Elder (2024)

Rev. Lisa Fry (2023)


Emma Bond (2024)

Rev. Suzanne Roberts (2023)


Julie Littlefield (2024)

Rev. Lauren Kay (2023)


Rt. Rev. Thomas Brown (Bishop)

Thomas Ward (Treasurer)

Rev. Lael Sorensen (Finance Chair)

Staff Liaison: Cn. Barbara Martin