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Diocesan Governance

How We Are Organized

The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion and is composed of 109 dioceses in 17 nations and territories.
The Episcopal Diocese of Maine is one of those 109 dioceses and is organized according to its Constitution and Canons and the Special Laws of Maine
The diocese is led by Bishop Thomas J. Brown and governed by the Diocesan Convention. Diocesan Convention is made up of clergy of Maine and representatives from each of our 57 congregations and meets annually.
When the convention is not in session, the Diocesan Council serves as the "convention between conventions", meeting four times a year to make decisions along with other committees and task forces. The diocese is divided into Areas, and Diocesan Council members are elected from each Area. 
The Standing Committee is an elected body that serves as a council of advice to the bishop and also has specific canonical responsibilities in matters of parish governance (including approval of by-laws) and the ordination process. The Standing Committee becomes the diocese’s ecclesiastical authority in a situation where there is no bishop in place.
The Maine Episcopal Missionary Society, incorporated under the laws of the State of Maine with all the usual power and privileges of corporations, receives and dispenses funds "to the sole use and purpose of diffusing Christian Knowledge, in such manner as the said Corporation shall judge will best promote and answer the design of their incorporation". It is the corporate arm of the Diocese of Maine, through which the Diocese conducts its business transactions. 
The Trustees of Diocesan Funds manage financial and real estate assets contributed for parish, mission, diocese and episcopate endowments in accordance with the terms of the gifts or grants.
Officers of the Diocese include the bishop, a chancellor, a registrar, as well as a diocesan treasurer and secretary elected annually.
The Diocese of Maine is one of seven dioceses in New England that coordinate and share resources. This body is known as Province One. Province One is one of the nine provinces in The Episcopal Church.  
The Episcopal Church's primary governing body is the General Convention, which meets every three years.  

Governing Documents and Bodies

The links below will take you to pages for the governing bodies summarized above:

Constitution and Canons 

Diocesan Convention  

Diocesan Council

The Standing Committee 

Trustees of Diocesan Funds 

Diocesan Officers 

The Province of New England (Province 1) 

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church

Title IV information pertaining to the clergy disciplinary process can be found on the Clergy Disciplinary Process page.

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