Finance Committee

Diocesan Finance Committee Rev. Lael Sorensen, Chair Mr. Tom Ward, Treasurer Rt. Rev. Thomas James Brown, Bishop of Maine Rev. John Balicki Rev. Rebecca Grant Ms. Holly Sargent Mr. Rick Lombardi Ms. Nancy Mooers Rev....


Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council is a decision-making body of the Diocese of Maine that is comprised of two elected members from each of six diocesan areas.


Serving on the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee

Serving on a vestry is an important ministry for the health and well-being of a church. It can bring with it questions and challenges, as well as rewards. The Diocese of Maine wants to help helps wardens and vestries find resources necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. Wardens and vestries are also encouraged to share ideas and to help one another.  


Trustees of Diocesan Funds

The Trustees of Diocesan Funds manage financial and real estate assets for the benefit of congregations, missions, the diocese and the bishop.


Strategic Mission Support Grants

Congregations are invited to apply for Strategic Mission Support (SMS) from the diocese each year as the budget is prepared. The application for 2023 will be released in June/July of 2022. The three components of strategic mission support are location, viability and vitality.


Resource Library


Digital Onboarding Grants

Digital Onboarding Grants from the Diocese of Maine are a program designed to assist churches in pivoting to worship online or via broadcast. This could be through the purchase of livestreaming equipment, extending their Wi-Fi, purchasing video editing software for recorded services, purchasing technology for broadcast and more. 


Diocesan Central Payroll Program

The Diocesan Central Payroll Program was created  to serve our congregations by providing an economical payroll service process.  For the fee of $104 annually per employee, we prepare all direct deposits, file quarterly 941 reports, deposit payroll taxes and prepare W-2s at year-end. Basically, if all of your employees are on this program, you simply send money to the diocese twice a month and you have no other payroll responsibilities. 


Lovett Fund Grants

Lovett Fund Grants are to be used on the maintenance and improvement of mission churches.


Spring Training

Spring Training 2022 – Featuring a Conversation with the Bishops of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Saturday, May 14  9 am -12 pm  Online via Zoom Join us for a morning of conversation, prayer, and learning. Participants can...