Clergy Formation in Maine is led by our Clergy Formation Committee (formerly Clergy Day Committee). This is a group of presbyters and deacons working to offer opportunities to enrich the ongoing formation, education, collegiality, and spirituality of the Diocese of Maine’s clergy community.

All members serve for three (3) years. The committee meets on the second Thursday of the month at 12:30 pm for 1 hour (currently via Zoom), with subcommittees meeting at other times when needed.

The committee plans and executes four annual events:

  • A clergy retreat of 1-2 days, often in Lent, to sustain and enrich our prayer life and spirituality.
  • Two (2) clergy days, one in the autumn and one in late spring, to worship, learn, and nourish our collegiality.
  • A third clergy day, often led by the bishop, designed to integrate continuing education and spiritual formation with the ministry and strategic mission of the Diocese of Maine and the Episcopal Church.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the Rev. Douglas Beck or Holly Hoffmann, Co-Chairs of the committee.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Clergy Retreat Thursday 2 March 2023 Zoom 10AM-3PM. “In Him All Things Hold Together: Loving Christ In & Through Creation” a day-long, online formation event, planned by the Clergy Formation Committee, led by Br. Keith Nelson, SSJE.
  • Chrism Mass Tuesday 28 March 2023, Grace Church, Bath, 11AM —130PM Chrism Mass is usually the Tuesday or Thursday in the 5th Week of Lent and occurs at one of our churches for the renewal of ordination vows for clergy, baptismal promises for laity, the blessing and distribution of Chrism, and lunch. This liturgy is planned by diocesan leaders, in consultation with Bishop Brown.
  • Clergy Conference Sunday 30 April 2023 to Tuesday 2 May 2023, Schoodic Institute—Usually the first week of May, this event is planned by the Clergy Formation Committee. In 2023, the clergy conference will be at the Schoodic Institute beginning at supper time on Sunday, 30 April and ending after breakfast on Tuesday, 2 May. Attendance at clergy conference for those of us with Letters of Agreement is expected. Please look for registration information in your email.
  • September Clergy Day Thursday 28 September 2023, St. Martin’s, Palmyra 10AM-2PM —The September Clergy Day, is generally organized by Bishop Brown to kick-off the program year and re-energize us for ministry. Register here.
  • Late Autumn Formation Event Thursday 16 November 2023 Zoom 10AM-1PM—”Before the Foundations of the World” led by the Rev. Sam Wells. This is generally a day-long formation event, planned and led by the Clergy Formation Committee, either in-person or online. Sometimes the focus will be explicitly spiritual and centered on our prayer lives, other times the focus will center on learning and developing practical skills for the practice of ordained ministry.


  • The Rev. Douglas Beck, Co-Chair (2024)
  • The Rev. Ted Gaiser (2025)
  • The Rev. Holly Hoffmann, Co-Chair (2024)
  • The Rev. Madeline Murphy (2024)
  • The Rev. Ann O’Sullivan (2023)
  • The Rev. David Robinson (2025)
  • The Rev. Carolyn Rosen (2025)
  • The Rev. Sheila Seekins (2023)
  • The Rev. Tracy Shaffer (2024)
  • The Rev. George Sheats (2024)
  • The Rev. Peter Swarr (2023)
  • The Rev. Heather Sylvester (2025)

*date indicates when term ends