Faith Formation Calendar

We’re putting together monthly Faith Formation Calendars for you that include resources and ideas for various ways of living out your faith.

Calendars can be printed off and stuck to your fridge, or pulled up and clicked on moments before a Zoom meeting. The calendar includes links for youth ministry gatherings, ideas for bringing faith practices into your home, and resources to celebrate the diversity of our call to follow Christ.

Email for the Latest Calendar


Faith Formation Collaboration

People who do ministry with children and youth in Maine Episcopal churches are invited to connect with each other!

All adults working with youth are welcome to reach out to Emily Keniston for support or connections in this work or if you have any questions about faith formation.

Get Connected

Here’s some other ways to be connected with people in other Maine Episcopal churches who do ministry with children and youth.

  1. Visit another church’s Sunday School or visit with other leaders. Set this up with Emily.
  2. Join the Faith Formation Collaboration Facebook Group. This is one of the ways that people connect. This is a network of people (laypeople and clergy, volunteers and employees) from Episcopal congregations all over Maine, who are dedicated to sharing resources and ideas. We support and help one another.
  3. Make sure you are receiving the Weekly Clergy and Lay Leaders Newsletter sent out by the diocese each Tuesday. That’s where to find notices of meetings, events, continuing education opportunities, etc. Ask Emily if you need to be added.

Children’s Ministry Resources