• We have young adult retreats when requested.
  • There are young adult cabins at the diocesan intergenerational Summer Finale at Bishopswood.

Christian Communities

  • The Crossing in Boston – The Crossing is an active, emergent, welcoming Christian community in downtown Boston.  It’s located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and has worship most Thursday nights at 6pm.  Most of the people there are in their 20s and 30s and the worship is ancient, creative, and full of life.
  • Episcopal Young Adult and Campus Ministries – Find links, blogs, info on national opportunities and more.

Volunteer & Service Opportunities

  • Volunteer at Diocesan Events Teenagers look up to young adults. They watch you to see how to live in the world while following Christ and loving as Christ loved. So you can have a tremendous positive influence if you volunteer at Diocesan Youth Events. Your presence at high school and middle school events is invigorating! Your help makes it happen! Young adults are part of the backbone of many events. You need to be a superb Christian role model, and to be able to focus on letting Christ work through you to serve teenagers.
  • Young Adult Service Corps One year of international service. Learn more here.
  • Episcopal Service Corps – One year of service in the USA.

Summer Jobs

Careers in Ministry

There are many full-time and part time career opportunities in churches: Priest… Deacon…. Missionary…. Christian Ed director…. Youth missioner…. Church musician…. Church administrator….

“The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” (Frederick Buechner). God is calling EVERYONE to ministry. God needs each of us to minister to others in everything that we do. God’s world needs plumbers, scientists, teachers, etc. And the world also needs people who minister full-time or part-time in the church.

There are lots of groups and people who will help you to explore whether God is calling you to a ministry career in a church. The time to get involved with them is now – while you’re exploring different possibilities. Take a risk. Be open-minded. See what’s out there.

Let your priest know that you’re considering a ministry career.  Then they should contact Bishop Thomas Brown.  If you’re a teen or young adult, also tell Emily Keniston so she can help you find internships and contacts.

It is helpful to engage in the Wayfinders program and check out some of the other resources for adult lay discernment here.

The Episcopal Church is actively looking for young adults who are considering ordained ministry. How do you know if God’s calling you to become a priest or a deacon? Listen to your own heart…talk to family and friends…listen to what other people who love God tell you. Many paths are in front of you, and ordained ministry may be one of them.

If you are considering ordained ministry, then there’s a required diocesan discernment process for ordained ministry that the your priest, congregation, the Commission on Ministry, and the bishop will help you with. It’s important to finish this process before you apply to seminary.