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The Lovett Fund, established by the will of the late Lucy Lovett, has as its express purpose the maintenance and building of mission churches.

The principal of the fund is managed and invested by the Trustees of Diocesan Funds and grants are made from the accumulated income of the fund at the discretion of the Bishop and the Diocesan Council.  Over the years, the following guidelines have been established:

1. Grants are to be used on the maintenance and improvement of mission churches only.  Improvements are to be made on the church building structure and not on vicarage or parish house if building is a separate entity.

2. The maximum of any one grant to any one mission church will be $4,500.

3. The mission church will be required to raise on its own an amount of money equal to one-third of the amount of money being requested from the Lovett Fund.

4. The Diocesan Council must insure that a minimum balance is maintained in the Fund in order to respond to emergency grant requests.

5. When requesting payment of approved grants, missions must supply the Diocesan Council with copies of bills and invoices or valid contracts to demonstrate that the grant money has or will be spent on the project for which is was granted.

Application for Lovett Fund grants should be made on the forms here which you must download to your own device (PDF version or Word version) and submitted to the Finance Committee via Canon Terry Reimer, PO Box 4036, Portland, ME 04101-4036. After initial perusal, applications will be forwarded to the Diocesan Council.