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Commission on Ministry (COM)

Applications for Postulancy Interviews

The Commission on Ministry (COM) is pleased to announce a shift from scheduling interview days on a fixed schedule (twice per year) to conducting interviews on a rolling basis. This decision applies to people who are already in a discernment process, and reflects the COM’s flexibility, as well as a desire to serve a changing church.  
If you are a Priest in Charge or Senior Warden in charge of a congregation, and you expect to endorse a person’s application, please notify Canon Barbara Martin.  
If there is a person in your congregation who is interested in discernment, please contact the Venerable Aaron Perkins first to learn about best practices. 
Guidelines for Submitting an Application (pdf)
Postulancy Application (Word doc) (pdf)

Help with discernment



For more information, guidelines and help of any sort: Barbara Martin, Canon for Administration
For information about the discernment process: The Venerable Aaron Perkins, Archdeacon 
For information about the role of the Commission on Ministry: The Rev. Kit Wang, Chair, Commission on Ministry (COM)  
For information about the diaconate, or the Deacon Formation Program: The Venerable Aaron Perkins, Archdeacon

Commission on Ministry Members

Darreby Ambler (2021)
Larry Bartlett (2021)
The Rev. Jean Cavanaugh (2023)
The Rev. Suzanne Colburn (2023)
The Rev. Andrew D'Angio White (2021)
The Rev. Peggy Day (2021)
The Rev. Lisa Smith Fry (2021)
The Rev. Abby Pettee (2021)
The Rev. Kit Wang (2021), Chair
The Rev. Tim Higgins, Standing Committee Liaison
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Brown, Bishop
Barbara Martin, Canon for Administration


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