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Loring Fund

The Loring Fund is designed to benefit congregations by supporting clergy in the Diocese of Maine. This support is made possible by providing funds for continuing education and sabbatical programs which enhance a clergy person's preaching, pastoral care, counseling, and leadership roles.

Please see application and guidelines document above for submission deadlines.
Loring Fund Committee
The Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Brown, Bishop of Maine
The Rev. Larry Estey
The Rev. Lynn Rutledge
Ms. Tracy Shaffer
The Rev. Mary Lee Wile
Ms. Rachel Zoller

Need more information or assistance?
For more information about this fund and inquiries to the committee, please email the Diocesan Staff Liason, Barbara Martin, Canon for Administration, or call 207-772-1953 ext 125.
Need help planning for your sabbatical?
Please contact Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler or Cn. Barbara Martin to request information about sabbaticals. 

143 State Street (mail to PO Box 4036) | Portland, ME 04101-4036 | Phone: (207) 772-1953 |