Clergy Retreat: Risk-taking in Christian Ministry


Clergy Retreat: Risk-taking in Christian Ministry Risk-taking is a part of life and an important challenge for those of us in Christian ministry at this time. What is the nature of risk-taking? Why should we consider...


Wolf Fund Grants


The Frederick S. Wolf Fund for Enablement and Education for Lay Ministry was established by unanimous approval at the 166th Diocesan Convention as a means of acknowledging the emphasis placed by Bishop Wolf on active and informed laity.

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Convention Registration Opens Friday, September 16


Register today for the 203rd annual Diocesan Convention! REGISTER HERE Who should register?  All voting lay convention delegates whose names have been submitted by their congregation All voting canonically resident clergy and licensed priests in charge...


Serving on the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee


Serving on a vestry is an important ministry for the health and well-being of a church. It can bring with it questions and challenges, as well as rewards. The Diocese of Maine wants to help helps wardens and vestries find resources necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. Wardens and vestries are also encouraged to share ideas and to help one another.  


Diocesan Central Payroll Program


The Diocesan Central Payroll Program was created  to serve our congregations by providing an economical payroll service process.  For the fee of $104 annually per employee, we prepare all direct deposits, file quarterly 941 reports, deposit payroll taxes and prepare W-2s at year-end. Basically, if all of your employees are on this program, you simply send money to the diocese twice a month and you have no other payroll responsibilities. 


Delegates to Convention


Here is a brief overview of the role and responsibilities of a convention delegate.


Grants available through the Diocesan Council


The Episcopal Diocese of Maine makes funds available annually to support international and domestic efforts and ministries that help to alleviate poverty. Any Maine congregation or program group may offer a proposal to Diocesan Council for consideration to fund an international or domestic outreach or effort.


Celebration of New Ministry – The Rev. Joshua Hill & St. Alban’s


Celebration of New Ministry for The Rev. Joshua A. Hill at St. Alban’s 5:00 pm with festivities to follow. All are welcome! Clergy: alb and green stole. RSVP to the reception following here.  


Town Hall: Conversations for Clergy & Lay Leaders


Convention Debrief For Clergy in Congregations, Convention Lay Delegates, Convention Lay Alternate Delegates, Wardens, Treasurers, Parish Administrators, Diocesan Leaders Look for the invitation with information about how to join us on Zoom in your email!...

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Certificates of Delgates to Diocesan Convention Deadline


Deadline SUNDAY! Certification of Lay Delegates Lay delegates elected to serve at convention must be certified using the form below by July 31, 2022. This certificate must be prepared and signed by the Rector, Vicar...