Property, Safety and Infrastructure (PSI) Advisory Team

The PSI Advisory Team supports congregational leadership in their mission of maintaining the holy spaces (interior & exterior) that support the congregation's ability to offer worship, engage in congregational development, and minister to the wider community through their outreach programs.

Blog Post

Cathedral Dean leaving Portland after 18 years of service

The Very Rev. Dr. Benjamin Shambaugh, Dean of St. Luke’s Cathedral will complete 18 years of service to the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, the City of Portland, and the state and Episcopal Diocese of...


Wolf Fund Grants

The Frederick S. Wolf Fund for Enablement and Education for Lay Ministry was established by unanimous approval at the 166th Diocesan Convention as a means of acknowledging the emphasis placed by Bishop Wolf on active and informed laity.


Diocesan Central Payroll Program

The Diocesan Central Payroll Program was created  to serve our congregations by providing an economical payroll service process.  For the fee of $104 annually per employee, we prepare all direct deposits, file quarterly 941 reports, deposit payroll taxes and prepare W-2s at year-end. Basically, if all of your employees are on this program, you simply send money to the diocese twice a month and you have no other payroll responsibilities. 


Bishop’s Visitation: Cathedral

Bishop visits St. Luke’s Cathedral, Portland. Trinity Sunday ~ St. Luke’s will have a visit with Bishop Brown, a service of confirmation at 10 am, a dedication and blessing of their new kitchen, and a...


Lovett Fund Grants

Lovett Fund Grants are to be used on the maintenance and improvement of mission churches.


Chrism Eucharist, Renewal of Vows and Blessing of Holy Oils

Let’s gather to renew our promises of baptism (for lay persons), and ordination vows (for ordained persons) at Good Shepherd in Rangeley. The Church of the Good Shepherd has ample space for us, windows and...




Regional Confirmation

A service of Regional Confirmation will be held on Saturday, May 7th at 4PM at St. Mark’s in Waterville, Maine. If your congregation would like to join the congregations of St. Mark’s, Waterville, St. John’s,...


Bicentennial of the Diocese of Maine

The Diocese of Maine celebrated its 200th birthday in the year 2020. The Bicentennial Committee planned a year long multi-event celebration, beginning with a kick-off at Diocesan Convention in 2019.