Visitations from Bishop Brown

Episcopal Visitations are required by Canon III every three years.  In the Diocese of Maine, episcopal visitations are scheduled in rotation about once every 28-30 months.  Other celebrations, special services/ mission leadership or pastoral care visits may be scheduled 'in between' official visitations by either the Priest in Charge/Sr. Warden or the Bishop.


Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church


Constitution and Canons Applying to Lay Delegates to Convention


Clergy Disciplinary Process

All matters of clergy misconduct will be reported to an intake officer for the diocese.  Matters might then be resolved through pastoral care, mediation, an agreement with the bishop, an investigation or any combination of these.  An investigation may result in formal mediation, and, if necessary, a hearing.


Recap of the 203rd Diocesan Convention (2022)

The 202nd Convention of the Diocese of Maine “Looking to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith” Saturday, October 22, 2022 Let us run the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus,...


General Convention


The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is an elected body which serves as the Council of Advice to the Bishop and stands ready to be the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese when a vacancy occurs in the Episcopate.


Serving on the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee

Serving on a vestry is an important ministry for the health and well-being of a church. It can bring with it questions and challenges, as well as rewards. The Diocese of Maine wants to help helps wardens and vestries find resources necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. Wardens and vestries are also encouraged to share ideas and to help one another.  

Blog Post

Call to Diocesan Convention 2022

Call to Convention for 2022 OFFICIAL NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with Canon Six, Section I, of the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, that the 203rd Annual Convention will assemble, God willing,...


Delegates to Convention

Here is a brief overview of the role and responsibilities of a convention delegate.