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Diocese of Southern Ohio Vestry Devotionals: Good News to All Creation

Welcome to these brief devotionals reflecting upon the place of creation care in the life of the parish and work of the vestry. These monthly devotionals are meant to help vestries begin their meetings with a brief time of reflection and prayer that connects the current liturgical season with life on earth and the work of the vestry. Each devotional will draw from the seasonal lectionary texts and track with the themes of the church year.

These devotionals are meant to be used with little or no preparation. A leader can take the material and lead the devotional time by simply reading the prayers, engagement questions, reflection, and discussion questions. The format for each devotional is the same and is designed to take about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

● Opening Prayer
● Engagement Questions
● Reflection
● Discussion Questions
● Closing Prayer

The full series covers monthly vestry meetings during the Season of Creation (September/October), Advent, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. This allows each vestry to engage in a consistent time of prayer and reflection over several months.

● Fall – The Season of Creation (September)
● The Feast of St. Francis – The Gospel to All Creation (October)
● Advent – Visions of Hope for All Creation (November)
● Epiphany – Righteousness Revealed as Justice for All (January)
● Lent – Our Call to Till and Keep (February/March)
● Easter – Practicing Resurrection (April)

May these times of prayer and reflection bless your vestry during these seasons of praise and worship.