Episcopal Main Public Policy Network

Maine Episcopal Public Policy Network (MEPPN)

The Maine Episcopal Public Policy Network (MEPPN) invites Episcopalians and all others who are committed to working toward justice and peace for all people and public policies that respect the dignity of every human being, both in the State of Maine, the United States, and the world. Members of this group work, with God’s help, to affirm the essential relationship between what we believe and how we live.

Urgent Housing Crisis in Maine

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine’s Director of Public Advocacy, John Hennessy, participated in a call with state officials from the Governor’s office, the Department of Health and Human Services, Portland legislators, the Maine Housing Authority, the City of Portland, and the Greater Portland Council of Governments on February 20. The goal of the meeting was to bring the state and municipal agencies responsible for assisting the growing homeless population, particularly asylum seekers, but including everyone, to discuss the humanitarian crisis at our (church) doors. This is the first time the faith community has been part of the conversations at this level. We continue to work on solutions to this homeless crisis. Read more here.

Learn More and Get Involved

The hope for Maine Episcopal Public Policy Network is based on a belief that people of faith have a unique voice to share on the real crises that many Mainers experience every day. The Network will work with ecumenical, Interfaith, and community partners on common concerns through the legislative process. We will work to implement social policy teachings and commitments of the Episcopal Church at the statewide and local levels through engaging grassroots leadership in the 57 congregations across Maine through training and information sessions.

We invite Maine Episcopalians to participate in a few ways.

We will focus our advocacy, organizing, and education efforts on the Gospel imperatives: feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, welcoming the stranger, freeing the captive, ministering to the sick, caring for creation, and giving voice to the most vulnerable among us.

Invite the Director

Invite John Hennessy, Director of Public Advocacy, to come to your church (your Vestry or Bishop’s Committee or an education forum or during announcements) to talk about the Network and answer questions about important issues in Maine, including the upcoming legislative session.

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Join The Network

Another great step, to be up-to-date on national and international issues related to peace and justice, is to join the Episcopal Public Policy Network. Through engaging in analysis, education, advocacy, and through supporting members, congregations, Jubilee Centers, and other social ministry organizations in their call to public witness, MEPPN seeks to help fulfill God’s vision of justice among God’s people and Jesus’ call to care for our neighbors.

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Maine Legislative Resources

When the House is in session, they issue a Weekly Legislative Report. It’s is a valuable tool to monitor new bills as they are released from the Revisor’s office and referred to a committee of jurisdiction for public hearing in the session. Find this by visiting the Maine House of Representatives, clicking on “Documents”, and selecting “Weekly Legislative Report” from the list of options.  The Legislative Calendar lists all public hearings and work sessions as legislation moves through the process.

Advocacy Resources