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Saturday, April 29, 2017
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
27 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine

"Leading as a Christian: Rooted in Jesus"

Gather with Bishop Steve Lane and Episcopalians across the diocese for a day of learning, sharing, and growth. A church leader? A clergy person? Someone interested in spiritual growth or community outreach? With 21 workshops to choose from, you'll find what you're looking for. There's no cost for this event, which will be held at St. Paul's Church and the public library in Brunswick.  

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Session I
Session II
Session III

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Schedule of the Day

8:30 to 9:15 - Greeting and Coffee

9:30 to 11:00 - Workshop Session I (with Dwelling in the Word)

11:15 to noon - Plenary with remarks from Bishop Lane, worship, and music

12:30 to 1:45 - Workshop Session II (with lunch)

2:00 to 3:15 - Workshop Session III (and clean up)

FAQs (Check back here before the event, because we’ll keep adding information.)

WHEN? Saturday, April 29, 2017.  

TIME? Coffee and a snack are available from 8:30 - 9:15.  The workshops begin at 9:30 and end at 3:15.

WHERE? St. Paul’s Church, 27 Pleasant Street in Brunswick. It’s on the corner of Union Street. Come in the backdoor. Some workshops will also be held at the adjacent Curtis Public Library. A full schedule with workshop locations is available at the registration table just inside the lower level entrance from St. Paul's parking lot.

PARKING? Please plan extra time so you can park in a municipal lot or on the street.  To reach the public parking in the Fire Station lot, continue on Pleasant Street and turn left onto Abby Lane.  OR Drive beside the church to the public parking lot on Union Street. OR Park along Union Street.  Please don't take one of the limited spaces in the church parking lot unless walking is difficult for you.

WHERE SHOULD I GO WHEN I ARRIVE?  The parking lot door will be the easiest to use.  Register at the door and come to the Great Hall for coffee and to browse the display tables.

WHAT TO BRING? Your lunch and a nametag.  Be prepared to eat in a room without a table.

WHO CAN COME?  Everyone is invited, but registration is required so we can plan for you.  The workshops were chosen to appeal to clergy, wardens, vestries, staff, teachers, lay leaders and all parishioners in churches around Maine.  Space is limited to 170 people.  

WHERE DO I REGISTER? Register here. Registration will close if we reach capacity of 170 people. Otherwise, it will close on Tuesday, April 25. Sorry, group registration isn't available. We need to get a headcount for workshops in order to put them in the right-sized rooms.

I FORGOT WHICH WORKSHOPS I REGISTERED FOR? Look at your confirmation email.  Or use your best guess.  Or check the list available on the bulletin board at St. Paul’s. Also, the bulletin board will indicate which workshops have unlimited seating.

ACCESSIBILITY? St. Paul’s Church and the Curtis Public Library both have an elevator.

ABOUT THE BUILDING?  There are four bathrooms on the first floor and two on the second floor.  The building has two sets of stairs and an elevator.  Come to the Registration Table when you arrive and we'll give you a packet with workshop locations and a map. At the end of the day, we'll pitch in to move chairs and clean up so the building will be ready for Sunday morning. 

HANDOUTS/DISPLAYS?  If you would like to highlight your church program or ministry, we invite you to reserve a display table. Reserve your display table here.

GRATITUDE:  Thank you to St. Paul's Church for your wonderful hospitality!

QUESTIONS? Ask Jane Hartwell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workshop Session I: 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Optimal Vestry meeting - led by Stephen Lane
A Vestry functions both as a spiritual leadership community and a Board of Trustees. What authority and responsibilities does a Vestry have? How does it balance those several responsibilities? What does a Vestry look like when it’s functioning well? How do we use a two-hour Vestry meeting to the address all our necessary business? Spend time in an “optimal Vestry meeting” with Bishop Lane addressing all these questions and more.

Beyond (and deeper into) the Hymnal - led by Thew Elliott

Join Thew Elliott, Music Director at Trinity Portland for a singing session exploring several alternate resources for service music, from various publishing houses to composers who make their work available online. We'll also discuss fresh and creative uses for the Hymnal 1982, ranging from alternate tunes and texts to simple tools for building choral anthems from hymnal material.

How to Love Our Neighbor When You Disagree - led by Jean Shula
The art of having compassionate conversations with those with whom you differ is a practice that the people of St. George’s in York Harbor are learning in a year-long series on civil discourse, covering topics like gun violence, racism, and other topics where a wide range of opinions are held. In this session learn techniques for compassionate listening and clear, respectful speaking. We'll learn how to tell one another the stories and feelings that underlie our deeply held opinions, and use this skill as a tool for reaching mutual understanding and common ground—even when we disagree.

All of Us for All of God - led by Merle Marie Troeger
God the Creator made us with all our many qualities and features, including our five senses.  Why not use all our God-given senses to return prayer to God?  In this workshop, we’ll experiment with ways of praying that involve smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste.   Each can be adapted for adults and children.  The goal is to enhance our individual and parish prayer options to involve all of us for all of God. All materials will be provided.

Ministry to the Aging and Elderly in our Communities  - led by Betty Balderson, Mary Ann Hoy, Rachel Zoller, and Edie Vaughan
Betty Balderson of Church at 209 in Augusta works with Legal Services for the Elderly and will present on elder abuse prevention. Rachel Zoller and Edie Vaughan from St. Andrew’s in Newcastle will share community efforts related to “music and memory” in the nursing care setting as well as a new volunteer transportation network to serve elders. The Rev. Mary Ann Hoy will share her work on ways the church can address the challenge of cognitive memory loss and ways to minister to dementia-Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers.

Stewardship/Annual Pledging - led by Terry Reimer
How did your congregation’s last annual pledge drive go?  Was it a success?  Was it a failure?  Or was it just “ho hum”?  Come to this session and share your congregation’s experience.  We are interested in what works and what doesn’t work.

Maine Pilgrims Share Their Palestine Stories - led by various members of the pilgrimage
In October 2016, 20 Mainers from 11 congregations (and one Oregonian) set off for the Holy Land to visit the ancient sites of our faith and to learn first-hand the current conditions and situations of Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Members of the group will take turns sharing photos and observations about various encounters in Hebron, Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, the implications of walls and water, the Tent of Nations, and the ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.

Workshop session II: 12:30-1:45 pm

Money and Wisdom for Vestries - led by Michael Ambler and Heidi Shott
Vestries and Bishop’s Committees work hard to lead their congregations, support their clergy, and build connections with the larger church and the world. Along the way, they often develop great ideas, and they often wish that there were money available to help launch new ideas and new projects.  This program has two separate but related components.  Canon Heidi Shott has good news: there is money out there!  She and UTO Diocesan Coordinator Sherri Dietrich will review grant and other funding possibilities, from both inside and outside the diocese. Canon Michael Ambler will lead an open forum for sharing good ideas, helpful practices, and other sorts of wisdom.  What has your experience serving on Vestry or as a Warden been like, and what do you have to teach?  As they say, “the wisdom is in the room.”

Dinner Church - led by the Rev. Reed Loy and Linden Rayton
"What does it mean to listen to your community and then do church in new ways that include more people?" Come hear the story of how our new worship service came to life in response to community desires. Then experience our response; a combination of St. Lydia's Dinner Church (Brooklyn, NY), youth event spirit, and homegrown Portland flavor. Expect to feel both familiar and surprised as you learn and sing a song, eat, and break open God's Word in the style of Dinner Church worship service at St. Peter's, Portland. We'll close with Q & A. Bring your lunch! We'll make the feast together!

The Art of Being with the Poor and Homeless  - led by the Rev. Shirley Bowen
So often, well-meaning efforts to serve those who are materially poor are based on a “doing for” model which has a number of drawbacks that erode the dignity of those we are trying to serve.  At the Gathering Place in Brunswick, a day center for the deeply poor, we have spent years developing a different approach.  It is based in part on The Nazareth Manifesto by the Rev. Samuel Wells.  We have found that the approach we use creates relationships, preserves dignity and generates a tremendous amount of spiritual growth and understanding for the 40-50 volunteers who serve regularly. Our model for training our volunteers has spread to some other churches, and we would like to share it with you.  

Telling the Gospel as if you believe it is GOOD news - led by Klara Tammany

Biblical storytelling can enrich how you study the text, and transform how people hear it. But wait, you don’t think you are any good at memorizing? Using the incident of Jesus calming the storm, Klara will share ways to engage the text that makes it fun and easy to learn and tell Bible stories by heart.

Discernment Tools for Everyday Life - led by Jane Hartwell
Are you ever overwhelmed when faced with a decision?  Do you ever wish you were wiser at discerning God's desires for you?  In this workshop, you'll learn some practical Ignatian tools for listening to God in your deepest desires, in your emotions, in your mind, in scripture and in those around you.  God's dream is that we become fully alive and loving.  How can we make choices that fulfill God's dream? 

Workshop session III: 2:00 - 3:15 pm

Leadership in Contentious Times - led by Stephen Lane

If we weren’t aware before, we now know that there are real differences among us, both in our churches and in the larger culture. How do we lead across difference? How do we proclaim Gospel values when we don’t agree? What are some tools that can help us gather as one family at the Table on Sunday morning. Reconciliation across difference is one of the gifts of Anglicanism. Can we employ it in these days? 

Messy Church - led by Kerry Mansir
Messy Church is an experience intended for both children and adults. The Messy Church website describes it as a model that “uses hands-on activities to explore Bible stories, to reflect a God of creativity and to give people a chance to play together.”  It’s about hospitality and celebration. It can be used as a model for multi-age, weekly faith formation or as a monthly invitation to children and families in the greater church community. The workshop will share the experience of how Messy Church has worked in Augusta and resources for trying it out in your own context.

Community Partnerships - led by Susan Murphy, Rebecca Grant, and Andree Appel
More and more Maine congregations are reaching out to partner other local churches and nonprofit organizations to meet needs in their communities. In this workshop, you’ll hear about three such partnerships: Susan Murphy of St. George’s, Sanford, on youth programs; Erik Karas of Church at 209, Augusta, on support of immigrants; and Andree Appel of St. Paul’s, Brunswick, on community support for at-risk youth. All three churches received funding for this work from New Initiatives Fund grants.

Discovering our Roots: Exploring Celtic Spirituality - led by the Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith
At a time when the church is struggling to find its way in the midst of an increasingly secularized culture, can we learn a way forward by looking to our past? This workshop will review how the missionary work of early Celtic Saints converted native Britons to Christianity after Roman troops departed taking their religion with them. How has this evolved into what is now referred to as Celtic Christian Spirituality and how might this be useful to our communities of faith today? Participants will experience examples of worship in the Celtic tradition and will receive a bibliography directing them to additional reading and liturgical resources.

The Other Six Days: Prayer and Spiritual Practice - led by Michael Ambler
Some Christians live lives of deep and regular prayer.  For many others, prayer is like going to the gym: a source of guilt, and of wistfulness: wouldn’t it be great if I really did?  This workshop is for all those, like me, who wish they were more regular in prayer, and who want to learn some ways that they could begin.  We’ll introduce a number of resources, and share accounts of what we have tried, what has worked and what has not worked.  The hope is that each participant will leave with a couple of concrete, achievable ideas for how they will turn to God, at least for a moment, in the middle of all the delights and demands of Monday to Saturday life.

Church Finances - led by Terry Reimer
This winter’s Church Finances Workshop was a four hour in-depth coverage of congregations’ financial functions.  It covered the place of church finances in the polity of the church, details of completing the annual Parochial Report, Diocesan Assessments, insurance coverage at the congregation level, the do’s and don’ts of donations, congregation audits, payroll, employee benefits, clergy compensation and the duties and responsibilities of nonprofit status.  This workshop will enable people who were not able to attend the longer Workshop to choose among the topics offered this winter and explore them as a group.

Best Practices for Social Media - led by Heidi Shott
This workshop will guide you through the constantly shifting world of social media and some best practices for churches. We’ll look at great examples of churches using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and how they are integrated with other church communications tools like websites and email newsletters.

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