Have you updated your church’s profile on the Episcopal Asset Map?

Did you know that the Asset Map gets its largest amount of visits during Holy Week and then during Advent? There are many who still seek a place of worship for Easter and Christmas or ways to connect with a new faith community during this time.

You can check the Asset Map for Maine here.

Do you need a refresher on how to update the Asset Map? Remember, anyone that belongs to the church can do this!

Follow the steps below.

Find Your Church or Organization on the Asset Map

  • Find your church on the map HERE
  • Find your church (type “Thomaston” in the key word search bar to the right and then switch to the “LIST” tab on the map)
  • Click your church name
  • Click “Suggest an Update” 
  • Areas to complete are listed on the left; click to open
  • Enter new information
  • Click “Save and Submit” box in the lower-left hand corner

Find detailed instructions here. A Diocesan Map Administrator will review your submission (to make sure it’s actually from someone at your parish) and publish your content.

Episcopalmaine.org Using the Asset Map

We incorporated this map into Maine’s diocesan website. Visit episcopalmaine.org and click on “Find A Church” here to check out the map. Follow the instructions above to make changes.

Video Tutorial on Using the Asset Map

Here is a set of video walkthroughs that will guide you.