Congregations are invited to apply for Strategic Mission Support (SMS) from the diocese each year as the budget is prepared. The application for 2025 is due by August 1, 2024.

The three components of strategic mission support are location, viability and vitality.

Viability represents the requirement that you have the minimum resources (human and financial) to maintain your parish or mission.

Vitality represents the requirement that your parish or mission is or is capable of human and spiritual growth and development and your presence is of continued value to the greater area where you are located.

Location involves issues of distance and accessibility.

It is the intent of the SMS grant that a congregation will have a priest employed at minimum for a quarter time and that the congregation will be able to support at least 50% of the cost of that clergy compensation. It is also the intent of that congregations with endowed funds will use the income from those funds fully to offset operational expenses.

Please direct questions to the Finance Committee at [email protected].


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