In Jesus, God so loved the whole world. We follow Jesus, so we love the world God loves. Concerned for the global climate emergency, drawing on diverse approaches for our diverse contexts, we commit to form and restore loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation.

– Creation Care, The Episcopal Church

Our Mission

The Council’s mission is to bear witness through the people of the Diocese of Maine to the need for justice in our relations with all living things, with those on the margins who bear the brunt of climate change, and with all creation. We aim to advocate, network and inspire through education, action, and worship so that the diocese as a whole might fulfill its calling to care for creation.

For more information email Sarah Braik.

Episcopal Maine Climate Justice Council

The Council will fulfill its mission through:

  • Spiritual Practices and Grounding – To serve as a clearinghouse for liturgical and theological resources and to promote and encourage their use so that the people of the Diocese may become more engaged in climate justice and discover a deeper relationship with God through caring for creation
  • Advocacy – To promote at the national, state, and Diocesan level justice issues, legislation, and social action
  • Networking and Communication – So that every parish may have resources and knowledge that promote sustainable living and to educate ourselves about other efforts being made by church or secular earth-keeping organizations

Our Work

The Climate Justice Council held its first meeting in February 2021.  Made up of 9 members from across the state, the Council is busy at work. We drafted a climate resolution for Diocesan Convention. which was passed in October 2022. The Declaration of Climate Emergency and Encourage the Observance of the Season of Creation encourages all parishes to participate annually in the Season of Creation September 1 through October 4, to appoint an Earth Keeper to create a parish Covenant for Care of Creation, and to involve and invite the participation of young people. The Council provides Earth Keeper support and resources. We have also provided the Earth Week Liturgy you can find in the Resource Library, led several diocesan Sunday services, given a presentation at a Province I convocation and created a policy briefing for a meeting the Bishop attended with Senator Angus King. Legislative updates are provided by John Hennessy, who on behalf of the Council has submitted testimony in support of LD 480, a Constitutional amendment ensuring a right for all Mainers to a healthy environment, and other related legislation.

Climate Justice Council encouraged all congregations in the diocese to assign an Earth Keeper and suggested some ways that this person could help their church to live out their Covenant to Care of Creation. Each Earth Keeper has been asked to report on their work so that it can be shared with the whole diocese. Check out these updates on our blog.


The Climate Justice Council has put together this Labyrinth Prayer for us to use when walking the Cathedral of St. Luke’s labyrinth at our convocation or any other time!

Our Members

Sarah Braik – Chair & Communications Coordinator (2024)
Rev. Dr. Jenny Reece – Vice-Chair & Earthkeeper Support (2024)
Steve Ward  – Secretary/Treasurer (2025)

Barbara Ryland- Justice Commission Liaison (2024)
Elaine Hewes – Justice Commission Liaison (2024)
Rev. John Elliot Lein (2

Marianne Pinkham
Meredith Tipton

Creation Care Resources