“So today was the first day of General Convention and the Maine Deputation got up early, went to breakfast, and got to work. We did all kinds of things — we had a Eucharist with the whole House of Deputies, lunch with our Bishop but in between those, we heard very powerful testimonies about anti-racism work and The Episcopal Church committing to give 10% of the budget to network doing that work. Then we heard voices about the Indigenous boarding schools some of which were from people who actually went to those schools about the Church studying that part of history and repenting from that pain. In addition, we passed family medical leave and pay for deacons so that they could receive benefits. We includes Puerto Rico into Province 2 which is New York. All kinds of fascinating and really powerful moments today. Last night when we arrived, there was a shooting on the street across from the hotel. Today the Bishops Against Gun Violence led a protest, a service, and a rally about preventing gun violence. Several hundred of us gathered at The Visitor Center for Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to talk about that, prayer about that, and to sing, gather together – just a very powerful witness of God’s love here in Baltimore. Your Maine Deputation is here, we’re working. Mark Spahr and I both got to the microphone and others are doing all kinds of things. Bishop Brown is just on fire –  doing what he does best. Greeting from Baltimore! We love you. We miss you. And love your prayers. Thank you.”

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