January 28, 2024

The legislative committees continue to hold public hearings and work on bills at a very quick pace although not necessarily on bills we are working on.

Read the legislative report here. Remember, the diocese works closely with the Maine Council of Churches to keep faith-based advocacy front and center in the legislature. The bill titles and any testimony (including allies and others) are hyperlinked for your convenience.

Please review the list and let me know of any changes or additions or if you have any questions about a bill or the process. Also, remember that any testimony you want to provide should be sent to me in advance of the public hearing or work session, so we have an accurate record of any public statements. If you need my help in crafting testimony, feel free to ask.

Gun Safety Coalition Update: I want to confirm that the Episcopal Diocese and the Maine Council of Churches are working quickly to establish February 16-18 as a gun safety awareness weekend. We will be working with all faith leaders in the state to designate Friday, Saturday, or Sunday services to pray for victims and survivors of gun violence and a common sense approach to gun safety reform in Maine.

John Hennessy