January 15, 2024
The second session of the Maine Legislature is off and running. Having carried over a record number of bills from the first session and adding another 100 or so “Emergency” bills, every legislative committee is hearing and working bills at a very fast pace.

The Maine Gun Safety Coalition is expecting up to four new pieces of legislation that have not been finalized. We will be on top of those as soon as they are released. I will be reviewing the priority bills from two groups: Vision for an Equitable Maine and the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous, and Tribal Populations to make sure we are on top of all the issues.

The legislative report already has 23 bills we are actively working on or following. We work closely with the Maine Council of Churches to keep faith-based advocacy front and center in the legislature. The bill titles and any testimony (including allies and others) are hyperlinked for your convenience.

Do you want to provide any testimony in advance of the public hearing or work session? Please email it to me, so we have an accurate record of any public statements. If you need my help in crafting testimony, feel free to ask!