2021 Resolution Canon 15 of Diocesan Council regarding Budget documents


2021 Resolution of Canon 15 of Diocesan Council regarding membership and terms


Climate Justice to Offer “Love God, Love God’s World” Curriculum in Spring 2024


Maine Youth for Climate Justice


Cycle of Prayer for 25-Jun

For St. Peter’s by the Sea, Cape Neddick; For the Trustees, Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, and other bodies of the Diocese of Maine


Episcopal Church Policies on Gun Safety and Gun Reform

The Office of Government Relations is tasked with representing official Episcopal Church policies voted on and passed by General Convention or Executive Council, the legislative and governing bodies of the Church. Below is a list...


Criteria for Grants

Allocation of diocesan resources is done by evaluating how the program or ministry effort aligns with our criteria for mission adopted by Diocesan Council in 2022.


Protecting Houses of Worship

Resources to Help Protect Houses of Worship Follow-up material from the Protecting Houses of Worship forum hosted by the Maine Council of Churches  in Westbrook, 10/13/2022 This link provides materials and resources from the event....



Blog Post

On Sacred Ground: Personal Transformation Leads to Sacred Ground Program Expansion

The national “Becoming Beloved Community” newsletter recently included this column about Caroline Russell, a St. Paul’s, Brunswick parishioner until her death in December 2021, and her relationship with the Sacred Ground program. Sometimes a transformation...