Climate Advocacy Organizations

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine's Climate Justice Council has curated a list of resources including this list of organizations focused on advocating for climate justice.


Environmental Land and Water Organizations

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine's Climate Justice Council has curated this list of organizations in Maine working on land and water conservation.


Diocesan Hunger Initiative

The Diocesan Hunger Initiative. through contributions from individuals and parishes, finds ways to share the message of our faith in action with the larger community, giving people the nourishment and encouragement needed to make it through difficult times. 

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Holy Curiosity: A Message From the Bishops of Northern New England

Dear Episcopalians of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, Today we celebrated a new milestone! Episcopalians from across Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire met on Zoom today for Maine’s Spring Training event, and during the program,...


Delegates to Convention

Here is a brief overview of the role and responsibilities of a convention delegate.


Social Justice & Outreach

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Canon to the Ordinary’s sabbatical results in formation of Restoration Laos

by The Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler I fell in love with the tiny, distant country of Laos about twelve years ago, when I first visited on vacation. Laos is a sliver of mountain and river,...

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The Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Brown

A phrase I love to use when I meet people is, “where are you from-from?” It’s become an invitation for the person to reach back to the place where she or he spent the earliest...


A Deacon’s Role

The diaconate is a full and equal order in the church. Its purpose is to help the body of Christ grasp the fullness of Christ’s ministry. As the church moves from an “operational” mode of life to a “missional” mode of life, deacons will play a crucial role.


Young Adult Resources

Retreats We have young adult retreats when requested. There are young adult cabins at the diocesan Summer Finale at Bishopswood. Christian Communities The Crossing in Boston – The Crossing is an active, emergent, welcoming Christian...