Below you will find the first draft of the legislative tracking document and my notes from Advocacy Days.

The tracking document is not set up with active links to the legislative documents – yet. I will get to that in the days ahead.

I am sharing my notes from advocacy days because a clergy colleague of mine referred to the color grid as “the social justice quilt”. I wasn’t thinking like that when I created it but it surely fits.

I look forward to our public policy meeting as we discuss the bills I have flagged as well as any you would like added to the list. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we are not going to be able to weigh in on every issue but keeping the lines of communication within the council and with our secular partners (a/k/a “feisty friends”)  will allow us to be as effective as possible.

I do want to call out the term “concept draft” as you will see it noted on several of the bills. This designation means that the legislative sponsor is still working on what they want to be included in the bill. It is rather frustrating given that it appears on more and more bills meaning we are unsure of the legislative intent. On the positive side, this allows input from interested parties to draft a really good bill. On the downside, it means we may not know the true intent of an innocuous-sounding title that we would not be supporting until it is in the public hearing queue.

131st Leg Priority Color Grid

MENJ – 131st Legislative Report (First Session) 2.05.23