Episcopal Maine Committee on Indian Relations

Mission Statement for the Committee on Indian Relations, Episcopal Diocese of Maine: “We are called by our Creator to deepen our relationship with the Wabanaki of Maine, to stand with the tribes in the pursuit of justice, to affirm their inherent sovereignty and to support the preservation of Native languages and culture.” The Committee on Indian Relations has three committees working on different aspects of our mission: Tribal Relations, Legislative, and Communications. The majority of CIR’s budget helps support the K100 pilgrimage paddle and run from Indian Island to Mount Katahdin each Labor Day weekend. As part of our commitment to justice for the tribes and to support the tribes’ inherent sovereignty, we are working to advance LD 1626 in the Maine Legislature . We also support developing parish territorial acknowledgements (2021 Resolution 3 – link). For ideas on what parishes and individuals can do to deepen our relationships with the Wabanaki peoples of Maine, please see the CIR webpage.