Following the resolution passed at Diocese Convention in 2021, St. Paul’s, Brunswick has been on a two year long journey of working towards implementing a Territory Acknowledgement. We began by implementing a statement at our 9 am Non Traditional Eucharist as that liturgy provides us a space to try things on and experiment. The statement evolved over time to include an invitation of action so that it is not just a performative act that checks a box, but one that both acknowledges and compels us to action. Our vestry began using the statement in the last few months and has entered into formal discernment as to how God is calling us to bring this statement into more spaces (other meetings, worship etc). It has been a slow journey as the work of justice often is. And it has been rich to do this work with intention and in the engaging spirit of discernment that has also helped to guide us as we honor the broad spectrum of perspectives that our community holds around the issue of Native Sovereignty. We trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding us as we continue this journey.

St. Paul’s, Brunswick Territory Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we stand on territory that was taken from the Abenaki people of the Wabanaki Confederacy, the people of the Dawnland. May we always remember that the Earth does not belong to us, that we belong to the Earth, and that we are all relatives in life. May we learn from our past sins and be instruments of justice and  peace for all people in today’s world. We ask for inspiration that we might be compelled to take action and support our native siblings as they continue to seek their sovereignty here in Maine.