Sunday, August 8

Bishop Brown writes, “Ever feel totally grateful and also completely finished? The Lambeth Conference has been amazing, at times brilliant (as they say here); lots of grace, at least for me. I hope whatever I’ve done or not done has given honor to God and to the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. Now, it’s time to leave Canterbury to be at home again with the people of Maine and Thomas Mousin (who went home last Thursday).”

Monday, August 1

Bishop Brown shares his thoughts and observations from the Lambeth Conference with Province I. (To view all of the reflections from Province I, click here.)

Sunday, July 31

Sunday morning from Bishop Brown, “Bishops will vest and process for the Cathedral’s principal worship service. Then we’re back to the University for more discussions, and sadly, more voting. We have no business voting on anything at this conference! The Archbishop’s keynote on Friday, and his address yesterday on 1 Peter were excellent. My small group (for Bible study) comprises bishops from East Zambia, two from South Sudan, the Philippines, South Africa, India, and England. Here’s my experience: what my brothers say to me in private, in our small group, is different from what they say or do publicly. I’m trying to stay open, and because of your prayers, that’s working. A big highlight: videoing the 97 women bishops getting their photograph taken, 3) being with the other LGB bishops and the spouses who are here.”

Saturday, July 30

Bishop Brown sends this update and photo today from the Lambeth Conference: “We are grateful for the love, support and prayer extended to us from around the world. We are delighted to gather with our siblings from across the Communion to pray, listen and learn, and join Archbishop Justin Welby’s call to walk and witness united together in Jesus Christ.”

LGBTQIA+ bishops (and one bishop-elect) at the Lambeth Conference: L-R, Deon Johnson, bishop diocesan, Missouri; Jeffrey Mello, bishop elect, Connecticut; Mary Glasspool, bishop assistant, New York; Cherry Vann, bishop diocesan, Monmouth, Wales; Kevin Robertson, bishop assistant, Toronto, Canada; Thomas James Brown, bishop diocesan, Maine, and Bonnie Perry, bishop diocesan, Michigan.