Sunday, June 30, 2024


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It’s time to plan for Deacons Day in the Diocese of Maine! 

Resolution 3 adopted by Diocesan Convention in 2022 set aside the last Sunday in June for Deacons in the Diocese to travel to a parish that doesn’t currently have a Deacon assigned to preach and teach about the Diaconate.

Here’s the resolution that passed:

RESOLVED that the 203rd Diocesan Convention affirms the mission of the Diaconate and calls the Church to seek out persons within the Church who may have a call to be a Deacon. Therefore, the Diocese is to set aside a Deacon Day to honor and raise awareness of the calling and mission of Deacons in the Church and World; and be it further

RESOLVED that the 203rd Convention set aside the last Sunday in June as a Diocesan Deacon Day for the Diocese in which:

Deacons may travel to a parish that does not have a current Deacon placement to be the Deacon in the Liturgy, to preach and teach about the Diaconate and the Calling of a Deacon.

That Deacons will coordinate with the Bishop’s office to schedule the visit. When a Deacon cannot be present on Deacon Day, Deacons will work with the Bishop’s office to make a visitation at an alternate date.

That the Diocese will intentionally pray for the ministry of Deacons, for those in formation to be Deacons, and will pray for persons to be raised up for discernment to the Diaconate.

How will parishes participate?

Parishes without a deacon can arrange for a deacon come visit them on June 30 to preach and teach about the diaconate.

Everyone may use these special Prayers for Deacons’ Day written by the Rev. Stephanie Batterman, Deacon at Grace Church, Bath in 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email Archdeacon Aaron Perkins.