Here’s a checklist to help you prepare. Please read through these tips to make sure you have the tools and capability to participate as a lay delegate or voting clergy on Saturday, October 22nd:

  • Have the Zoom login information ready. If you registered by Wednesday, October 19th at noon, with the correct email address, you will receive an email on Thursday, October 20th will the information you need to join us on Zoom.
  • Use your own device with a camera. One device per voting member of convention is necessary. (There will not be a dial-in option.)
  • Get to a place with good connectivity. If possible, connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. If using WiFi, ensure that you are close to your wireless router and that your connection is stable. If you lose connection, please log back in when you are reconnected using the same link you received when you registered. (It may take a few minutes for you to be readmitted from the waiting room.)
  • Be on time! Log on promptly to enter the waiting room. No one will be admitted after 8:45 a.m.  There can be no late admittance to the Zoom meeting. You may need to standby in the waiting room for a considerable time as 300 people or so enter!
  • Download the latest version of Zoom Client. Zoom often updates software, so making sure you have installed the latest version will ensure the best performance during convention. Read more here about how to check what version you have and which is the latest.
  • Change your Zoom screen name to “First & Last Name/Town of Your Congregation” so that you may be identified by the Chair. It’s like your digital name tag! Please do this before entering the waiting room either through your app by clicking on “Join a Meeting” (looks like this). View the brief video here for more tips.
  • Use the ‘Raise Hand’ function. If you would like to speak during the meeting, please utilize the ‘Raise Hand’ indicator in Zoom. Watch the video here if you need a refresher. The chat function will be limited to technology questions or to second or make a point of order. Using chat for commentary on business is out of order.
  • Report back to your congregation the election results, actions taken on resolutions, and share the Bishop’s address which will be available on YouTube at the conclusion of convention.

Find all convention materials here.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Those who aren’t voting, join us for the livestream on YouTube!