Diocesan Central Payroll Program

The Diocesan Central Payroll Program was created  to serve our congregations by providing an economical payroll service process.  For the fee of $104 annually per employee, we prepare all direct deposits, file quarterly 941 reports, deposit payroll taxes and prepare W-2s at year-end. Basically, if all of your employees are on this program, you simply send money to the diocese twice a month and you have no other payroll responsibilities. 


IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rates


Chrism Eucharist, Renewal of Vows and Blessing of Holy Oils

Let’s gather to renew our promises of baptism (for lay persons), and ordination vows (for ordained persons) at Good Shepherd in Rangeley. The Church of the Good Shepherd has ample space for us, windows and...


General Convention


Supply Clergy

Supply Clergy Guidelines are intended to be a helpful tool for people in congregations who are responsible for working with clergy filling-in, as well as to serve as a resource for members of the clergy themselves.


Disciplinary Board

In the event of a charge of clergy misconduct, members of Disciplinary Board must meet to review the matter.


Digital Onboarding Grants

Digital Onboarding Grants from the Diocese of Maine are a program designed to assist churches in pivoting to worship online or via broadcast. This could be through the purchase of livestreaming equipment, extending their Wi-Fi, purchasing video editing software for recorded services, purchasing technology for broadcast and more.