Do you want to be connected with people in other Maine Episcopal churches who do ministry with kids and teens?

Four quick things for new leaders, clergy and teachers to do:

1. Join the Christian Ed Collaboration Facebook Group.  This is one of the ways that people connect.  The Christian Ed Collaboration is a network of people (laypeople and clergy, volunteers and employees) from Episcopal congregations all over Maine, who are dedicated to sharing resources and ideas.  We support and help one another.

2. Subscribe to the DioLog (our diocesan newsletter).  That's where to find notices of Christian Ed Collaboration meetings, Maine Episcopal Youth Events, continuing education opportunities, etc.

3. Email Katie Holicky, the Christian Ed Collaboration Chair. Say hello.  We'll help you with support and connections.

4. One of the best ways to connect with Episcopal Christian Ed leaders from all over the country and beyond is to join the FORMA facebook group

And also:

You'll find out about Maine Episcopal Youth Events at  These include summer opportunities, mission events and weekend diocesan events for kids & teens in grades 6-12.  Or contact our leader, Diocesan Youth Missioner Sara D'Angio White at 207.772.1953 ext. 130.

To find out about our summer camp, go to for our regular summer camp (ages 7-16).  Our special diocesan summer opportunities for kids in grades 6-12 are at 

Do you want to visit another church's Sunday School?  Or drive to visit other leaders?  We will reaimburse you for gas and coffee.  Contact Katie Holicky.

We can help you find a consultant or other help.

Our diocese has grants to enable you to attend continuing education event.  Contact the diocesan office for help, or see the Wolf Fund (for lay) and the Loring Fund (for clergy) online.

Also... come to annual learning and networking events - like Spring Training, Christian Ed Collaboration Gatherings, and online seminars.  



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