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Dreaming about a new ministry in your community? New Initiative Fund grants from Diocesan Council are available to support your call to mission!  Each congregation, diocesan committee, or program group in the Diocese of Maine is eligible to apply for funding to support new ministries, expand existing ministries in new directions, or to discern ministry possibilities in their community.

The Grants Committee of Diocesan Council is now accepting applications! The deadline is noon on Thursday, 10 November 2022. With regret, late applications cannot be accepted.

Your completed application form, project budget and any other attachments may be sent to Barbara Martin. Additional instructions may be found on the application form. (For a Word version of the application, click here.)

Once submitted, your application will be evaluated, and you will be contacted by a member of the Diocesan Council Grants Subcommittee, who will serve as your liaison through the application process and advocate for your application at the Diocesan Council meeting.

For more information, contact Canon Barbara Martin.

Grants Subcommittee: Ms. Rita Redfield; Rev. Suzanne Roberts; Mr. Fred Fowler; Staff: Cn. Barbara Martin