Copyright Resources for Churches

For information on issues of copyright laws and compliance, you may find the following resources helpful. This list is only intended to be an overview and provide information. It is not legal advice. If you find additional resources that you have found informative or supportive, please let us know.  FMI: contact Canon Barbara Martin at

Free Webinar Recording 

Practical Resources for Churches offered a webinar on June 4th that is available for free in recorded form to all who register here:  In addition to the legal hosts, both professional musicians, music directors and choir masters (one who is also a lawyer), provide answers and insights to a wide variety of topics and questions including: 
  • What is copyright anyway and what does it matter? 
  • What's the difference between online and print media copyrights? 
  • Can churches be sued for copyright infringement? (yes, they can and they have been)
  • May I make convenience (temporary) copies of materials if I've ordered the materials from the publisher? 
  • What is the "religious exemption" law and how does it apply to e-worship? 
  • What are the six different kinds of copyright licenses available and which do I need?  
A list of resources from the webinar can be found here

Pitts Theology Library's Guide

Copyright Law Guide for Religious Organizations 

Music Company Licensing Companies

Music Licensing Resources

Guidelines from Leader Resources

Info from Church Pension Group

The Riteseries online by Church Publishing contains online music library.....Purchase a single song's music and lyrics or subscribe for annual unlimited downloads....a license is included.... you can make copies of musical pieces for your congregation without having to write or call each copyright holder or report song usage.  Purchase of ritesong does not include a choral music license.   

Fact Sheets from Christian Copyright Solutions

Follow this link to sign up for a free download of Copyright Fact Sheets from Christian Copyright Solutions' Learning Center.

Episcopal Diocese of Ohio's Three Part Series of Guides

With our thanks, the following easy-to-read, three-part series is shared with the permission of the author, David Posteraro, Esq. and The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio: 

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