Please find information below for two organizations that accept donations of your church books, liturgical goods and "Holy Hardware".

Operation Pass Along

Operation Pass Along is a program for collecting books about the Church and usable vestments from those who no longer want or need them and passing them along to those who do. Requests for books from seminarians or other readers are filled from whatever is on their shelves at no charge other than for shipping and handling. 

To learn more, visit:
If you or your parish has books or vestments that are not being used, you are encouraged to send them to:
Operation Pass Along
805 County Road 102
Eureka Springs, AR  72632
Note: They will gladly accept the items listed and we will send a receipt card to you.  By IRS regulations, they are not allowed to put a value on donated items, it is up to the donor to do so.  For tax purposes, you will need to keep your itemized list with your valuation on it, their receipt card and your receipt from the post office (shipping costs are also deductible). You do not need to include an itemized list for us, but they ask that you include a slip of paper that has YOUR name and address inside the box for us to reference for your receipt card.
If you have questions, contact Linda Crane at:
SPCK in the USA

SPCK/USA supports projects for the creation, preparation, and distribution of Christian knowledge by utilizing print and other media. As a missionary society, SPCK/USA works for the proclamation and understanding of the gospel in and by all nations.

To learn more, visit:
If you or your parish has theological books or vestments in good condition that you wish to donate, you are encouraged to check the list of what SPCK/USA accepts and doesn't accept on the botoom of the web page above, then ship acceptable goods to:
SPCK Book Depot
228 Tennessee Avenue
Cowan, TN 37318
If you have questions, please contact:

143 State Street | Portland, ME 04101 | Phone: (207) 772-1953 |