Forms for congregations and diocesan program groups



New Assignment Notice

Annual Congregational Report to the Bishop 2020(to be completed within 30 days after your Annual Meeting)

Certificate of Delegates for 2020 (due July 1, 2020)

Clergy Annual Report for 2019 (due March 16, 2020)

Lay Licensing Applications (new licensing period will open in 2020; licenses expiring 2019 extended until 29 May 2020)

Parochial Report for 2019 (due March 1, 2020; after submitting, please send signature page to Cn. Terry Reimer, 143 State St, Portland, ME 04101)

List of Diocesan Forms with Deadlines 2020



Payroll Schedule 2020

Sample Time Sheet for Hourly Employees

Enrollment/Change Form for 2020

Form I-9 for 2020

Flexible Benefit Election Form 2020

ADP Direct Deposit Form

ADP Online Paystub Access

W-4 2020 Federal

W-4 2020 Maine


SUPPORT APPLICATIONS  (look for new applications in spring/early summer of 2020)

2021 Budget Application for Diocesan Programs 

2021 Strategic Mission Support Application



Loring Fund

F.B. Wolf Fund




Travel Reimbursement Form (2020 rate is $0.57.5 per mile)

Deacons Sample Letter of Agreement

Letter of Transfer for Parishioners


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