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Safe Church Training  

Diocese of Maine Policy

Training Requirements Part A & B


About Diocese of Maine Online Safe Church Training

One of the important responsibilities we share is to keep each other safe--especially the youngest and most vulnerable among us. That is why for many years, The Diocese of Maine has required that people who work with children or with shut-ins have training in “Safe Church” practices: how to maintain appropriate boundaries, and what the danger signs are when someone might be transgressing those boundaries.

Safe Church training is available to all Maine Episcopalians, and we hope that these convenient, online formats mean that many people will be able to learn how to help keep everyone safe. While it is available for all, current Safe Church Training certification through the Safeguarding Online program and the State of Maine's Mandated Reporting Online training is required of  “...all Diocesan employees, volunteers, and others acting on behalf of the Diocese, as well as all clergy of the Diocese and persons otherwise accountable to the Diocese….”

If you haven't been trained in the last four years, please re-do it. Be sure to read through the requirements carefully, completing both Part A  and Part B.

Are you unsure of how to find out the last date on which someone completed Safe Church Training? History of Safe Church Training completion is maintained in parish records. The first place to check is with your church office. Not there? Parishioners who believe they've completed online training but for whom the church doesn't have a certificate on file, can login at www.safeguardingonline.org. If it's been too long, click on "Forgot password" on the login page and follow the instructions. Once logged-in, click on "Certificate" (orange box with white letters) located below the header, above the Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler's letter. Click here to see a list of courses you've begun or were assigned, whether or not you've completed the course, and the completion date.

Anyone who has completed online training is instructed to print two copies of their certificates from both "Part A" which is Safeguarding Online and "Part B" with is State of Maine; one copy is for the congregation, one is for their own records. Note that both certificates will always be printable when a user logs in, so save your login info! 

PART A:  How to ENROLL in the Safeguarding Online system, complete this part of the training and submit your certificate

1.  Enroll (only complete this step once!)
a.  Go to www.SafeguardingOnline.org/enroll (If you have already enrolled, please do NOT enroll again. Visit www.SafeguardingOnline.org. Click on forgot username or password if you've misplaced your login info.)
b.  Enter the registration code: diome207
c.  Fill out the form and click the link to enroll
d.  Print the page or write down your user login and password for future reference
e.  If you want to begin training immediately, click the first link shown. To log in later, follow the instructions under "To get started" below. (Note: you do not need to complete all the modules at once. Just remember your login and password to log back in anytime.)
2. Sign in (if you've already enrolled, here's where you start taking courses or take another course)
b.  Click the link at the bottom of the page
c.  Enter your user login and password (If you have forgotten your password, please do NOT enroll again. Follow the instructions below in the "Troubleshooting" section.)
d.  Click on the title of the course to begin. See the next session to learn which courses/modules you are required to take.
3.  Choose FOUR “modules” (courses) to complete
      IMPORTANT: You do not need to complete all of the available courses!
a.  Everyone will start by taking the same two foundational modules:
“I am Sam”
“It Happened to Me”
b.  Then choose one of the following modules:
"Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation for Ministry"
(recommended for clergy and regular pastoral visitors)
"Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation for Congregations"
(recommended for everyone else)
c.  Finally, choose one elective.  
Use your own judgment to decide which among the additional modules is most relevant to your ministry. If more than one seems helpful, it’s fine to do more than just the one required elective.  The electives are:
"Keeping Your Camp Safe" (required of adults working on diocesan youth events)
"Abuse Risk Management for Occasional Volunteers"
"Preventing Elder Abuse"
"Keeping Your Church Safe"
4.  After you have completed FOUR modules, please PRINT two copies of your certificate of completion
Keep one, and give the other to your priest or senior warden (in absence of a priest) for the congregational record.  The certificate should show four completed courses. To do this from home screen that lists all of the modules/courses, click on "Certificate" button (which is located below the header of the page). This last step is easy to do, but also easy to overlook—please don’t skip it! Now, time to complete Part B!!

PART B:  How to complete State of Maine Mandating Reporting Training online and submit your certificate

In addition to the four modules of  Safe Church Training certification through the Safeguarding Online program (instructions above), the diocese requires that “... all Diocesan employees, volunteers, and others acting on behalf of the Diocese, as well as all clergy of the Diocese and persons otherwise accountable to the Diocese…”, are aware of the State of Maine Reporting Law and complete Maine's Mandated Reporting Online training.
Follow the instructions below. For more detailed instructions, download this guide
1.  Click here to create an account JPMA Staff Development 
Scroll down and fill out the form under the words "Try a sampling of our courses, lessons & quizzes! Simply complete the form below and watch your inbox for more details." to start. After you create the account, you will be asked to check your email to activate it.  
2.  Activate your account
Check your email to activate your account.  
3.  Log-in 
Look for "My Courses" tab or "View My Courses” and select the Mandated Reporter link which will take you to the video training film and the quiz.  
3.  Complete the lesson
Have your speaker on and begin watching the video. At the conclusion, you will be asked to mark the lesson completed and begin the quiz. 
4. Take the quiz
5.  Print TWO copies of your certificate
Keep one, and give the other to your priest or senior warden (in absence of a priest) for the congregational record. You may log back into the system at any time to review the course or print your certificate -- so hold onto your credentials!


~  If you lose your Safeguarding Online password, please visit www.SafeguardingOnline.org. Select "Click here to login and begin using Safeguarding Online" at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the login screen, click on "Forgot Password".  You will be prompted to enter the email address used in your initial enrollment. 
 ~  If you have technical questions or concerns during enrollment or log-on to Safeguarding Online, please contact technical support at 817-801-7773 or . They will respond to your request as soon as possible, but be aware that this may be up to 3 days. 
The system supports up-to-date versions of the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 11
~  Are you having trouble figuring out how to print your certificate from Safeguarding Online? From the home screen, above the lettter and list of the modules/courses, click on "Certificate" option. It's an orange box with white letters. You will want to send one to your church and keep one for your records. You can print this at any time. If you forget to do it initially, just log back in.
~  Safe Church Training records are maintained by the office of the church you belonged to at the time of completion. If you're unsure if you need to take the courses again, please check with your church office. 
~  Did you forget your State of Maine Mandated Reporter (JPMA) training password? Click here for help.  
~  Are you having trouble with the State of Maine Mandated Reporter training? Please email JPMA at  for assistance.  

That's It! 

While the training must be done individually by each person, there's room for creativity to meet particular needs. If you want to discuss ways to make this process inviting for people uneasy with computers, those who may have experienced abuse in their past, or other people who may need special arrangements, please don't hesitate to contact the Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler.
If you have feedback, compliments or concerns to share about Safe Church training, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Cn. Barbara Martin.
We hope this system is easy and the programs are useful. The point of it all, of course, is that as followers of Christ, we owe one another a duty of care means we need to not only wish each other well, but actively look out for one another.   
"Love one another, as I have loved you," says Jesus.  The materials you've just reviewed should help inform your attention to those around you, and help give you confidence and courage to respond effectively if you notice something amiss. 

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