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Advent Resources 

Diocesan Advent Hymn Calendar

advent calendarWe are delighted to share this Advent resource with you. Follow along each Advent day in December as we share favorite Advent (and Christmas) hymns and songs, submitted by members, youth, clergy, and staff from all around the diocese!
The link to the Advent calendar is here. You can share this link in your church newsletters.
Just like any Advent calendar, door #1 is not available to be opened until December 1st!
Follow along on the diocesan social media channels where we will also share the daily musical selection from each day of the Advent calendar. Enjoy!

Advent and Christmas Calendar 

Please share with the diocese any plans for special services or celebrations your church is hosting.Whether it's a virtual Christmas pageant or Zoom candlelight service, please post the information to the diocesan calendar here using the category "Advent & Christmas".
Find Advent events and a list of Christmas services in the diocese here.


watercolour splash2A new wonderful collaborative project provides an 'Advent Online' Calendar and a rich library of resources for all churches and Christians to draw from and share with their people.
Advent Online covers the themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy through the lenses of scripture, music, visual art, tradition, and creative writing. Pieces have been specially created for this project and with the particular and extraordinary context of this year in mind.
How can I use it?
1) You can browse the library and make use of the pieces that would be relevant to your context.
2) You might share the selection for each day with your church congregations for them to use.
3) You might share individual elements to your own social media or web channels, choosing what will be appropriate for your church.
4) You might download and use the materials within your own services or study groups.

Christmas at The National Cathedral

Be sure to check out the wondrous 2021 Christmas season at The National Cathedral. More info to come!

Advent and Christmas Resources from The Episcopal Church

Find the items below and more by visiting: https://episcopalchurch.org/advent-and-christmas-resources. Sign up for emails with resources while you're there!  
Preparing to Become the Beloved Community
Journeying the Way of Love Advent Curriculum and Calendar
Sermons for Advent and Christmas
Refugee Prayer Vigil from Episcopal Migration Ministries 

Hope Incarnate: Planning Worship for Advent and Christmas from VTS 

A webinar held in 2020 exploring Advent and Christmas worship and music still has much to offer. Check it out here:

Devotional Calendars

An Advent Devotional Calendar 
Living Well through Advent 2021: Practicing Patience With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind
#AdventWord: Global Online Prayers, Meditations, and Podcast
Praying in Color: Download Templates to Color Your Own Advent Calendar

St. Nicholas Celebrations  

christmas 1887306 640Celebrating St. Nicholas - Activities, articles, recipes, and more from the St. Nicholas Center. 
St. Nicholas Connecting the Past and the Present - Richelle Thompson shares what happened when St. Nicholas visited her congregation. 

St. Nicholas Day Resources - Jim Rosenthal shares tools for offering an in-depth look at Santa.   

Stations of the Nativity

Stations of the Nativity - from The Living Church docs
Stations of the Nativity - book by Patrick Kelly

What is Advent? What does Christmas Mean?  

Advent in 2 Minutes - Not quite sure how to explain what exactly Advent is? This video by Busted Halo can help.  
Advent: Taking it to the Streets - Our church brings ashes to the street on Ash Wednesday; how might we bring Advent to the streets during this hectic season?   

Creating Christmas Video Messages 

Christmas Messages - Short, simple, and powerful. Create a video message or ad for Christmas that’s easy to produce.   

Remembering those who Grieve

branch 2179023 640
Preparing for a Blue Christmas - Resources for Blue Christmas services.




Activities for Younger Children

The Kid Compass resource guides for parents and leaders for three age groups
K-2 / 3-5 / 6-8 
 Episcopal Relief & Development offers a One Thosand Days of Love craft idea each week of Advent 

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