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Copyright Resources for Churches

This list provides resources about copyright, but it is not to be considered legal advice.  If you would like to use/share these resources, please be mindful of copyright concerns and permissions. FMI: contact Canon Barbara Martin
Please note: Church Publishing special pandemic permission to stream hymns is set to expire August 31, 2021.


Download pdfs of the resources below here:  Copyright Resource Guide for February 2021 Town Hall  and here More Info re: BCP/RCL/Bible


General Copyright Info
Information about use of the BCP/RCL/Bible 
An easy-to-use brochure from Church Publishing Inc.
Pitts Theology Library's Guide
New and timely information about copyright
Ten things you should know about copyright
The five questions CCLI hears the most
6 Myths about copyrights that put your church at risk
Copyright and Creativity For Ethical Digital Citizens
Guidelines from Leader Resources
Episcopal Diocese of Ohio's Three Part Guide
Copyright (and Wrongs) for Churches: Introduction to Copyright Law
Copyright (and Wrongs) for Churches: The Fair Use Doctrine and the Religious Services Exception
Copyright (and Wrongs) for Churches: Works Made for Hire: Who Owns the Sermon?
Practical Resources for Churches - Webinar
Free Recording to all who Register Here
Your Copyright Questions Answered (Companion to the webinar)


Be safe, not sorry, when livestreaming your worship services
Did I infringe on copyright when using YouTube videos in a livestream service?
Facebook Copyright Rules 
What about Facebook live? 
What you Need to Know Before Sharing Photos and Videos Online
Three Factsheets: 7 Myths about the Religious Service Exemption, Copyrights 101, and The Different Between CCS and CCLI 


To learn more about Public Domain and Creative Commons 
Small Church Music
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)
Choral Public Domain Library
Public Domain Information Project


Do You Need a License?
Blanket License Coverage Chart
Special Permission from Church Publishing for Congregational Use
Music Licensing & Video Licensing Resources for Congregations
Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)
Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS)
One License (this is the company that has partnered with Church Publishing for music from The Hymnal)
Harry Fox Agency
Church Video License Incorporated (for movies)






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