Faith in Maine

faith in maineWe have re-launched the Faith in Maine podcast!
Be a part of choosing themes and topics of upcoming seasons of our Faith in Maine podcast.
You are the ideal listener! We want to cover the topics and stories most important to you. What do you want to explore? Do you have an interesting story to share yourself? Who do you want to hear from?
Please send ideas for future podcasts series or individual episodes to Director of Communications Katie Clark
All of the previous episcodes remain available for you at anytime! You can listen to sermons from Bishop Brown or any of the eight-episode series of audio essays by Rev. Martin Smith on the concept of hope. 
We are also actively researching technologies that allow people to call in to listen to podcasts, which can be a resource for our parishioners who don't have smart phones or computers.
The Faith in Maine podcast can be found on any platform where podcasts are found, including iTunes, Spotify, Pocket Casts and more.
Click here to listen to episodes.

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